Levelmaker - the mezzanine floor

The most modern modular construction kit for mezzanine floors, staircases and balconies.
This modular storage platform was developed in 2017.

Initially, there was a particularly simple installation in the background without any repainting on site during assembly. From this, a completely galvanized module construction kit has developed that is unparalleled. There are in all profiles in 25 / 50mm grid holes for mounting. As a result, suspension levels for conveyor technology or the like can be realized in retrospect. These can be taken into consideration in advance. Our stage is designed foresight.

It consists of standard components that we have developed and patented. These give us the opportunity to take a very high load with a correspondingly small outer contour and perforation -all 25mm-. The outer diameter of our support is only 140mm and can carry up to 100 tons. It is similar with our column head where the beams are connected. A component with the widest possible load carrying at low weight. It is like in modern aircraft, the strength and the static design counts and must fit, not only the amount of material used.

We did start development 2017 and have always met and adapted to the demands of the market. This is what created what we have today. From 250Kg / sqm to 4,200Kg / sqm and spans of up to 10x10m with virtually no diagonal.

The components for more than 10,000 square meters of storage are usually always in stock in order to react quickly.

The further development:
We arrived at 4 floors and 10x10m and are increasingly reaching the limits of the surrounding building structures. Whether it is the floor slabs or the fire protection.
These too can be solved by our partners in this area in most cases.

We design any steel staircase and escape staircases that are up to 9 floors and 30m high. These structures, too, are styled, delivered and, if desired, assembled in our own design department.

Balconies are still more of a hobby of us but get more and more scope because the renovation of old buildings with the current construction boom demanded more from the market than is available. You want a nice new balcony, ask us!

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